Modern Design Project in Kazakhstan

Project profile:

Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Type: 3-story detached villa
Area: about 950 square meters
Residents: a family of 5

The owner of this project hopes to create a cozy and modern space with classical elements. As a result, the designer of CAMERICH Kazakhstan store incorporates herringbone patterned floor, plaster moldings, arch and various classical elements into the overall modern design.

The long and narrow living room is divided into two zones of different sizes by a suspended partition wall with wooden finishes. The larger zone is suitable for leisure and entertainment, while the smaller one is more private and artistic. The two separated zones together create a warm and inviting home atmosphere.

The different materials of wood, stone, metal and fabrics are harmoniously combined; whilst sound, color, light and shadow in the house interact to form a vivid and wonderful time.

The dining space plays an important role in this traditional Kazakh family, where the hostess carefully prepares meals for family members every day. The spacious long table and the exquisite kitchen island are places where the family can spend time together.

The bedrooms are of unique personalities in terms of color and functional design. The master bedroom has soft gray and brown tones, which add a calm and soothing feel to the space. The guest bedroom adopts a refreshing white and sand color design. The simple decoration and exquisite furniture turn the space into a relaxing harbor.

On the top floor, geometric lines and special-shaped walls are combined to create an interesting game space. The family can sit or lie on the spacious and soft sofa while experiencing the excitement of games. In the basement, the dark wood finishes make it a perfect home cinema and a bar. Taking a favorite spot to watch a movie, or having a drink with family at the table, one could enjoy every minute of life.

The swimming pool and sauna are located on the first floor. The clear water as well as the natural scenery outside the French window make one feel pleasant and relaxed.

The classical elements are deconstructed and integrated into a modern space design. In the stylish and fast-paced urban life, this space shines with a beautiful and pure classical charm.