52nd CIFF Shanghai 2023 Furniture Expo

The “Temporary Storage Garden” pavilion, a collaborative project between CAMERICH and Semester Studio @semester_studio, is a highlight of the 52nd CIFF Shanghai 2023 Furniture Expo (@ciff_furniture). Its primary objective is to embrace the concept of “zero waste” while also conveying CAMERICH’s enduring commitment to sustainability. The pavilion achieves this by showcasing architectural models, photographs, and planning materials from CAMERICH’s Beijing and Jiaxing Campuses.

52nd CIFF Shanghai 2023

Date: September 5th to September 8th, 2023
Location: A16, Hall 4.1, National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)

In the midst of the bustling expo, visitors are invited to pause and unwind in the Temporary Storage Garden. This garden serves as the focal point of the exhibition, drawing inspiration from the CAMERICH Beijing campus, where a central garden oasis resides. Surrounding the Temporary Storage Garden are exhibits showcasing the masterplan of the Beijing campus and architectural models of the primary office area.

These displays provide visitors with a tangible sense of the building’s magnitude, while also offering insights into CAMERICH’s commitment to industrial and social responsibility, as well as its dedication to sustainable development, as demonstrated in its vision for the North-South Campuses.

CAMERICH Haus and Home Away From Home are designed by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, with the aim to inject new vitality and energy into the old factory space in 1980s. The space is under reconstruction and will provide an open space for guests to take a rest. Designed by ZAO/standardarchitecture, the former factory building on the western side of CAMERICH (Beijing) R&D Campus has been transformed into a comprehensive office space that comprises work areas, meeting rooms, workshops, and a library/café – “CAMERICH Island”.

Located in the south of Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the CAMERICH (JIAXING) MEGA FACTORY is a collaboration of CAMERICH and ZAO/standardarchitecture. The campus was developed in two phases, with the construction of the factory building being the first phase, which will accommodate the complete production line of CAMERICH furniture. The water tower, also designed by Semester Studio, is a part of the essential fire safety infrastructure at CAMERICH Jiaxing Mega Factory. Required to be 30m tall to provide pressurized water for the sprinkler systems, it is inevitably the tallest structure of the campus as well as a visible landmark.

Guests are welcome to visit and enjoy a moment at the Temporary Storage Garden, making it an open and easy-going public space among the hustling fair.


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