Camerich, a leading furniture brand, is internationally known for its commitment to the creating of high quality modern furniture. Our company was founded in 2005 and has been manufacturing quality furniture since.  Camerich embodies contemporary tailoring that is always in the forefront in its design and appeal, yet classic enough to achieve a certain timelessness in its style. With an understated elegance, Camerich has redefined the world of modern.  It is with the Company’s genuine love and passion that has propelled us to create nothing short of perfection.

Today Camerich has an impressive global network that spans over 60 countries and regions.  Besides a number of mono-branded stores in the United States, Camerich also has dedicated showrooms from London, to Sydney, to Shanghai.  Internationally, Camerich has made a mark trespassing beyond borders and boundaries.  Despite the success, the Camerich mission today remains unwavering in our steadfast commitment to produce quality products with a sincere devotion.  At Camerich we don’t design for the sake of designing, we design to create real products for real people. With every product, there is a story to be told.  Our pieces are made from dreams, and brought to reality enriching the space in which it resides.

Specific to the North America market, the Camerich USA office has been established since 2008 to provide exceptional customer service and speedy support.  Additionally, out of our USA warehouse, we have a robust Quickship program which offers some of our most popular products.  Contact us to learn more.


New R&D Campus at the Camerich Head Quarter

Camerich collaboration with Renowned Architect Alvaro Siza at the Shanghai 44th CIFF Fair