A Lakeside Villa Project
Lakeside Villa

Check out this gorgeous lakeside villa project, well-adorned with CAMERICH furniture. Clouds Sofa in light grey, Rubix Coffee Table in Carrara white marble, as well as Vary Table all blend seamlessly into this spacious living room creating for a graceful modern sanctuary.

The lakeside villa consists of three floors plus a basement. The living room is surrounded by the serenity of the lake. The stunning scenery perfectly frames the architecture. The breeze from the lakeside spills ever-so-naturally into the space, creating for a seamless integration between the outside and inside, allowing a free-flow of air and nature into the lakeside villa.

The objective is to remain as open as possible.  The presence of doors is intentionally reduced to a minimum, in efforts to create the most optimal visual experience as possible.  On the first floor, there is a suspended partition between the living room and the guest room.  The lounge room provides for quiet reading or music playing retreat.  Each room is masterfully both independent yet inter-connected. The designer has carefully selected a variety of Camerich products to compliment this beautiful home.  Moodie Sofa, Ming Chairs, Time Desk, Plato Table, and Teri Table are perfect compliments to this spectacular backdrop.

Calmness is derived from a subdued color palette.  From the living room to the bedroom, the color scheme remains pure and soothing. The light wood color scheme consistent throughout demonstrates genius simplicity.  The overall execution satisfies one’s longing for nature while creating a cozy atmosphere. The large area of white in the bedroom allows natural light to be fully reflected on the walls, the ceiling, and every other surface. The Crescent Bed, Amor Bed, Elan Bed, Pebble Table, Lesso Hanger, Pixel Cabinet, Harmon Table, and Ballet Chair, all bring a resort style element to the luxurious bedrooms.

Lakeside Villa

Remove any redundant and unnecessary decorations, and hone in on the spiritual aspects of the space. The use of natural elements is maximized according to the owner’s preferences. The lighting in the basement is carefully designed with multiple light wells that allow for sufficient illumination. A beautiful play of light and shadow is created with the passing of time.

The spring breeze penetrates through the wood grills, blowing the pages of books, teasing the tree shadows, and creating a quiet and calming ambience. The contrasts of different materials and objects in space all come together in this beautiful dance, choreographed in perfect harmony.