EGIG Real Estate Top Housing Project

A city is a book in which you could read about its ambitions. And in the book of Qingdao, you can see the magnificent mountains and seas of its west coast. As Qingdao rises to a new first-tier city, its West Coast District also becomes the ninth national-level new district.

In 2022, with a deep understanding in city, land and urban life, EGIG Real Estate grasps the opportunity of the times, follows the urban development, and launches a high-end residential project, Top Housing, next to the West Coast District government, which leverages its geographical location as the city’s political heart and its great urban development potential.

Top Housing brings together the world’s top-notch design resources and presents a new model of contemporary urban life. Building on its insights into contemporary life standards, it offers a smart residential design by creating a premium living environment with constant temperature and humidity where its residents could enjoy a healthy and clean life.

One minor error may cause eternal failure. For a long time, the Top Housing project team kept strict control of quality with high demands on design, service, and all other aspects. Extensive efforts were invested in selecting furniture brands and home furnishing companies.

After careful review, the team decided to reach an in-depth cooperation with China’s renowned furniture brand CAMERICH. To create a project that is worth passing on to the next generation, it is necessary to embrace a new lifestyle. When designing the sales office for Top Housing, CAMERICH furniture creates more with less and seeks simplicity. The final result is a high-end sales office combining quality and style with diversified materials and colors.

As the major place meeting customers, the VIP rooms give a soothing expression that exudes calmness and sensibility, and reflects thinking on the present and the future.

The merge and collision between light and shadow, the concrete and the abstract, as well as between different elements, create a rich and layered visual effect. It’s a space that gives a quality feeling and an elegant modern expression.

The hardness of the stone and the warmth of the wood offer a sense of calmness, while the addition of the red accent injects life into the space. The sophisticated furnishings are the finishing touches.

Simplicity is a test of quality. We insist in creating a project that is worth passing down to the next generation. The aim to create a good project is a shared vision between CAMERICH and EGIG Real Estate. – Ai Tao, Marketing Director of EGIG Real Estate Co., Ltd.