Cozy Home Project in East Beijing Business District

What is home? Everyone has his or her own interpretation.

“Home is a new start of life, and also a place that makes you even more responsible each day.” This is the definition of home of Mr. Zhang, the owner of this case, as well as a product expert from an Internet company in East Beijing Business District.

Entering his home, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet in the hallway catches the eyes. It’s both simple and functional. Closed storage space hides the odds and ends, and keeps the space neat and tidy.

In the bright living room, the vivid-colored leisure chair adds vitality to the space. The green plants and the fruit bowl create a relaxed and natural atmosphere. The harmonious combination of all details forms the expression of the living room.

The separate dining room well divides different spaces to achieve the effect of a structured design. The unique design of the utensils adds a touch of artistic atmosphere to the space, perfectly matching the marble tabletop. The light of the pendant lamp brightens up the subtle connection between objects.

The light-toned master bedroom enjoys a simple and elegant expression. The beige bed and walls create a sense of harmony in the space, with the addition of artistic elements.

The secondary bedroom continues the expression of the master bedroom, offering a pure living experience. The dark-red floor, pale mauve beddings, and beige-brown walls coordinate with each other, softening the whole space.

A serene and cozy space could clam down a restless heart. In the study, the black and white bookcase and the orange chair, the straight lines and square blocks, are both independent and compatible, blending to deliver an open and easy atmosphere.

Home is the start of life, as well as the destination of soul. It brings together everything you love, only to please yourself.