A New Villa designed by McClean Design in Los Angeles

Somewhere in California along America’s west coast, a beautiful fire-bellied salamander stands motionlessly by the poolside taking in the sunset. Here is a new villa designed by McClean Design from Long Island, New York, showing the beauty of its sophisticated lighting and furniture through the glass curtain walls. China’s top furniture brand CAMERICH is one of its creators.

The two-story villa has a uniquely styled exterior, whose modern design harmoniously blends in with the surroundings. The large curved glass wall demonstrates original workmanship as well as the owner’s taste in furniture.

The main living room is furnished in ash white tones and a minimalist style. In the spacious living room, a FREETOWN sofa and a FRAME coffee table gently draw people together in a leisurely setting. On the opposite side, a TERI table holds aromatic coffee and fragrant tea, while a pair of LEMAN lounge chairs invites for a quiet tête-à-tête.

Compared to the main living room, the side living room offers a warmer atmosphere to welcome friends. A pair of EDDY lounge chairs sits by the fireplace with crackling flames which fills the space with warmth and life.

The tour around this California villa designed by McClean Design makes us marvel at the beauty of architecture and furnishings, a perfect blend of East and West. We’re looking forward to the next marvels that CAMERICH will create!

Photos courtesy of Universal Design