Tong Ren Tang Beijing x Wuyi Space Architectural Design

Founded in 1669, Tong Ren Tang is considered one of the “Big Four” when it comes to the largest and longest standing Chinese medicine brands in the world. With a remarkable history, it was established in Beijing by Yue Xiangyang, one of the senior physicians in the Qing imperial court.

Today, this impressive pharmaceutical company’s legacy is still going strong. This extraordinary company has managed to uphold the highest of qualities, and traditional core values, while modernizing its facility and space, adapting to the latest innovations. Today, this veteran health giant has successfully integrated and demonstrated modern healthy diets, medical halls, physical exams, into everyday life and leisurely living.

This Tong Ren Tang No. 0 Shop is located in Daxing, Beijing. The design has been ingeniously crafted by Wuyi Space Architectural Design Company. We, at Camerich, are proud to have been bestowed the honor in taking part in the creation of this “worry-free” space.