ReDream Medical Cosmetic Group in Beijing

Amid the recent “Korea Wave”, many young people are fascinated with plastic surgery just to be more attractive. A Seattle-based international medical group with R&D, investment, operation and management activities, ReDream Medical Cosmetic Group has opened a new branch in Beijing.

For the plastic surgery sector, it is important to combine a pretty look created by medical practice with the beauty of art. An advocator of positive, rational beauty, ReDream has been making great efforts to improve its hospital environment, while acquiring cutting-edge equipment and technologies. With a particular favor for furniture that highlights the modern, simple aesthetics in every aspect, ReDream asked China’s top furniture brand CAMERICH to help build an ultimate caring atmosphere. The CAMERICH products, which can be seen anywhere, help turn the hospital into a warm, sweet, fashionable place.

Beauty brings a pleasant feeling to people. Beauty, whether through artificial repair or through creative design, needs to be just to the point. Over-decoration is a misinterpretation of beauty. Drawing from the traditional Chinese culture, CAMERICH believes in “less is more” principle and rejects sensationalism with anything unnecessarily complicated, an idea that echoes with ReDream’s proposal for rational beauty.

“Beauty is a reflection of the state of living. People share a longing for beauty. The pursuit for beauty turned out to be the cornerstone of our partnership with ReDream. Along our respective journeys of beauty, we share our appreciation for beautiful things. It is our wish to tell a new story about Beijing-Seattle partnership, ” said Shirley Wang, CAMERICH Brand Operating Director.