Haiyi Sailing Hotel Qingdao

Re-opened in 2019, Haiyi Sailing Hotel Qingdao is simply too monumental to overlook. The property is conveniently situated in the heart of the commercial district, 1.8km from the renowned May Fourth Square. With expansive views of the sea, this 5-star property is impressive to say the least. The Haiyi Sailing Hotel preserves some of the charm while emulating much sophisticated beauty.

The use of metal instills a sense of mystery. The cool copper bar counter, and breathtaking dome ceiling are eye-catching features that simply awe. Rich velvet blue Ballet Stools paired with sleek gray sofas all come together creating a soothing yet ultra-plush lounge area, welcoming you to simply sit back, relax, and lounge.

Contrasts between bold straight lines and curves, and the collision amongst diverse materials, add layers of rich visual effects. Fantastically grand floor to ceiling windows allow the natural light to create the most stunning visual backdrop that transforms from dusk till dawn.

The Haiyi Sailing Hotel Qingdao proves that sophistication doesn’t have to be extravagant, instead, it’s the richness in its simplicity as well as discipline in personality that shines the brightest from inside out. Camerich is proud to be specified for this project. Magic simply unfolds when the furniture and accessories blend seamlessly with spatial elements and architecture in which they reside in. Striking through and through, visit the Haiyi Sailing Hotel soon.