Furnish a Seaside Dream at CAMERICH Qingdao

The winding coastlines and immense sea vitalize the daily life in Qingdao, bringing the city a romantic atmosphere. China’s top furniture brand CAMERICH meets Bella Peninsula here to realize the dream life of “facing the sea with spring flowers blossoming”.

Away from the hustle and bustle, live a simple life accompanied by the shining stars and the shimmering sea. Turn every ordinary day into the way you like, and fill every moment with joy and laughter. This is the life dreamed by most people.

Maintain a peaceful mind, look away from the flashy life. That’s CAMERICH’s definition of an ideal life. Living by the sea closes the distance to the nature, and makes life much brighter and more romantic.

With an attentive attitude, CAMERICH Qingdao store carefully measured and designed every corner of the seaside space, and outlined the purity and simplicity of modern life in a minimalistic and pure approach.

Settle here with loved ones, and enjoy the wide open view and a pleasant environment. Get rid of the fatigue after a busy day, let your heart relax as if floating on the sea.

Jiao Weizhong, a CAMERICH dealer in Qingdao, said: “CAMERICH is a label of modern and simple design, as well as a mark of quality and taste. Here, we return to the mountains and seas, get the life back to nature and simplicity. That is why Bella Peninsula chooses us to launch a good cooperation.”

Be open-minded, and life will be as boundless as the sea and sky; be care-free, then you will find yourself in Shangri-la. May everyone live an ideal life as he dreams.