CAMERICH Debut at Maison&Objet PARIS 2020

Held bi-annually in the fabulous city of Paris is the MAISON&OBJET PARIS, (a.k.a. M&O PARIS), show. It is no wonder this tradeshow has been irrefutably coined “the source of inspiration” since its first launch in 1995.

Featuring over 3000 brands, M&O PARIS is divided into two sectors:

1) Objet, where the most fantastic objects and decorative accessories are on display

2) Maison, where incredible home interior furniture and solutions can be found.

In the upcoming show, January 17th to 21st, 2020, CAMERICH will debut at M&O Paris for the first time ever, with an impressive 330 square meter booth.

The theme for the CAMERICH showroom can be summed up in one word: KONG. KONG is the exploration of traditional courtyard houses. CAMERICH aims to bring a bit of history, into a modern new era. The space is presented in a modular and minimalistic way, interlacing design concepts where spatial layers offer visitors a sense of new found freedom. The concept of KONG is “enjoying a space for breathing, imagination, piece of mind, and freedom of life.”

We welcome you come to Maison&Objet PARIS this January 2020, and experience the KONG space in which we have masterfully re-created, a place for you to simply be you.