CAMERICH Presents a Sustainable Bamboo Forest in 50th China International Furniture Fair

Camerich in 50th China International Furniture Fair

The 50th China International Furniture Fair launched without a hitch in Shanghai on September 5th. China’s leading furniture brand CAMERICH joined hands with Neri&Hu Design and Research to present a 907.5 ㎡ bamboo pavilion themed “The Structural Field.” The outstanding display featured a bamboo structure that invites nature in and explores the sustainability of future living environments.

With “sustainability” as its core, the exhibition is the combination of Neri&Hu’s thinking on dualities paired with CAMERICH’s research and experiments on future living environments. It’s an exploration of the relationships between nature and artificiality, chaos and sanctuary, object and spectator, tradition and innovation. Different dimensions are interwoven into a calm, cozy “Bamboo Forest.”

Known as the “second largest forest,” bamboo is light, shapeable, and flexible. This contributes to the artistic atmosphere of the bamboo forest, where the audience can experience nature’s raw power and dynamic beauty. “The Structural Field” is also a metaphor for sustainable development that embodies our vision to build an ideal home environment as well as lifestyle.

The bamboo has been carefully selected and processed. Having gone through multiple experiments on its environmental impacts, safety, as well as aesthetics, Dr. Jing Jie from the Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University is the structural designer responsible for ensuring the stability and safety of the overall installation. In addition, the design of the lighting system is led by Professor Zhang Xin from Tsinghua University’s School of Architecture.  With strategic lighting, Professor Zhang has created a calm and cozy vibe for the “Bamboo Forest”.

CAMERICH uses bamboo as the carrier to materialize a low-carbon, green living philosophy, concealing ten natural, peaceful, and comfortable living spaces within the abstract yet logical bamboo matrix structure. The living spaces not only complements the gentle temperament of the bamboo but also incorporates humanistic feelings into the space to achieve a harmony between people, space, and nature.

One of the most eye-catching showcases is the RUBIX atrium. As light pours down from above, the elegant and flexible RUBIX sofa is bathed in light and shadow, creating a sense of coziness and calmness that reveals a casual and free lifestyle.

The “Bamboo Forest” vividly explains the green and sustainable concept that CAMERICH always advocates. From design, construction, to recycling after the exhibition, it is not only an exploration into the possibilities of future habitat for people, but also a perfect interpretation of a green, comfortable, healthy living environment. By capturing and utilizing architectural elements in nature and practicing the concept of low-carbon and eco-lifestyle, it presents an answer of sustainable living to people in China as well as around the world.